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Edmond de Ayala, a Colombian by birth, settled in the Château d'Aÿ in 1850, where he learnt the subtleties of the Champagne business. The château was owned by the Viscount of Mareuil, and it was he that taught Edmond what he knew. Edmond later married the Viscount's niece, whose dowry included both the Château and its spectacular vineyards.



In 1882, Ayala was one of the founder members of the Syndicate de Grandes Marques. Before the 2nd world war, Ayala continued to impress and was the Champagne supplied to the courts of Great Britain and Spain.

Since 1860, Champagne Ayala has been making and blending Champagne. Today, following the acquisition by Champagne Bollinger in 2005, Ayala has continued to make the high standard of quality, elegant wines that first put this Grande Marque on the international map.



Ayala shares it Aÿ origins with the prestigious Champagne Bollinger. With the Champagne houses being only a quarter of a mile apart there are many similarities between the two champagnes. Like Bollinger, Ayala ages its non-vintage Champagnes for 2 years, and its vintage champagnes for between 4 and 5 years.



Ayala is unique among the other Grande Marque Champagnes for its low dosage winemaking philosophy. By making champagne with little or no dosage, Champagne Ayala is creating a naturally pure, contemporary, yet elegant champagne style for today’s consumer.




  • Ayala Brut NV – A perfectly balanced combination of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, displaying at once power and elegance, while strong and delicate. Pale gold with restless effervescence, an appealing aromatic nose and complex, delicate palate.

  • Ayala Brut Rosé NV – 10% of red wine from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, is used in the making of this Ayala champagne. Anemone pink with small bubbles, a delicate nose of small red berry fruit and an intense red fruit palate are what truly characterise this wine.

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